Fact: I like to color.This is not a joke. This is a real thing. As an adult I enjoy coloring and for anyone who rolls their eyes (yea, you!) take a second and push your judgment to the side. For a brief moment think about your childhood. Coloring was one of the most popular parts of school (aside from recess), an enjoyable afternoon activity, and my mom proudly hung my pictures up in her office…even though I sometimes colored outside of the lines. You remember it, don’t you? The smell of crayons, tearing the paper away so I could fully use the whole crayon, paper scraps at the bottom of my bookbag…oh the memories! This activity, while simple in nature, very much pleased us as children. Then, as we grew older, we somehow file coloring in the “not cool” category and declare ourselves “too old” to do such a menial task. What were we thinking?A couple months ago I came across a now popular BuzzFeed article which reintroduced me to the idea of coloring. Johanna Basford originally worked as a brand illustrator and her after work hobbie of drawing eventually bloomed into creating coloring books for adults. Both of her books, Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest, are currently “Out of Stock” on Amazon, and in my opinion, completely worth the wait! After receiving my own adult coloring book I can’t stop raving about the benefits.The act of coloring is a mindful practice in itself. It requires you to focus your attention on one thing until a goal has been completed – even if that goal takes the shape of a castle. The act of coloring feeds into our creative side which we often neglect and push aside throughout the years. Studies have shown that coloring actually reduces stress, increases work performance, and decreases insomnia. Sign me up for that treatment!The adult versions are intricate in design and require concentration our parents wished we had when we were in elementary school. While we have the ability to concentrate we rarely take the time to do so as our “To Do List” of responsibilities spans miles. Taking this time to break from the daily buzz has many benefits. These are benefits we actively choose to not take part in which just seems silly to me! Guilty of not taking this break as often as I need it, my new found love for coloring has given me the opportunity to break from my daily life and soar into my creative one. As the trend continues throughout the world, yes world, many people are reaping the benefits and getting lost in a task we once loved more than anything. What are you waiting for?