Everyday I see patients seeking treatment for anything from anxiety to sleep trouble to migraines using biofeedback. It never fails… every initial session the first question is always “So what are we doing?”

So lets end the confusion… What is biofeedback??

Biofeedback in the broad sense of the word is just getting feedback on what is going on inside your body in real time. This scientifically proven mind-body technique uses sensors to monitor physiological arousal and displays it in real time…So why would that matter? Why would we want to look at heart rate or muscle tension on a screen for an hour?

Lets use anxiety as an example: when I have an anxious thought, those thoughts begin a response in my body that then can continue my increased level of anxiety. In order to decrease my anxiety, I can attack it from two sides…. Cognitively, by changing my thoughts, which will then calm my body… or physically by calming my body to then calm my mind. This is where biofeedback comes in! It is helpful for anyone to see what is happening in their body to increase awareness and then we also use the data we see on the screen to teach relaxation skills, allowing you to see positive effects in real time. We can use similar techniques help you become more mindful of your body in order to provide relief to a variety of concerns including: ADHD, chronic pain, sleep difficulties, migraines and high blood pressure. For many people, biofeedback can make all the difference in the world. Understanding what your body is experiencing and learning techniques to get your body back on your side is what biofeedback is all about!