I recently had a re-awakening. I like to call it “coming home to myself”. We all have experiences in our lives, moments in time, where we are reminded of the things that are most important to us, things that truly bring us joy, our “reasons”. Sometimes these moments can come on when we least expect them, our “Ah-Ha” moments. Many times we find these moments when we didn’t know that we needed them. I find that when I slow down, and am present, I am most likely to “come home to myself”.It’s very easy to get caught up in the daily grind. Our lives are filled with tremendous stressors from so many different sources. We worry about whether or not we did, or said the right thing, at the right moment. We feel responsible for everything and everyone, even when we have zero control of those things. We stress about everything we have left to do before the end of the day, or what our weekends look like. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the little things, and lose sight of what’s really important, the reasons we work so hard! So we can have happiness in our lives!Recently, I got a chance to visit two of the sweetest, fattest little babies that you ever wanted to see, my 10 month old twin niece and nephew. One look into those faces and, BOOM! I had my reawakening, and realized just how trivial and small the daily stressors we face can be. They can take away from my true focus, how sweet and precious life is. As I watched my nephew laughing with all eight of his tiny little teeth showing, or saw my niece with her hair sticking straight up like someone rubbed a balloon on her head, I was reminded of how much joy and happiness they bring to my life. I was able to fully relax and just be with them, enjoy them, laugh with them, and maybe bite a fat toe or two. That’s why I work so hard, so I can have those moments. So I can spend time doing the things, and being with the people that bring me limitless happiness.We all have these moments in our lives. Moments that have the capability of jolting you back into reality. My challenge to myself and others, is to work on being as mindful and aware of these moments as we can be. Notice the small things that make you smile. Identify the things you value and treasure the most, and as best you can, try to fill your day with those things. THAT is what building a life worth living is all about.