As we end the emotion regulation module, and transition into the interpersonal effectiveness module, I was reflecting on the importance of not only what we tell others but what we tell ourselves. The premise of the interpersonal effectiveness module is to help us obtain skills to communicate with others more effectively. I began to wonder, how can I use the interpersonal effectiveness skills to help me communicate intrApersonally? In other words, how can these skills help me talk to myself more effectively? I stumbled upon the article on Psychology Today titled “Change the Story!” The author, Bakari Akil II, Ph.D., is discussing how impactful our thoughts are on our entire wellbeing. With that being said, he believes that we can create a beautiful story for our lives in our minds and then take the steps to live out our story.When things are going “good’ in life, it is much easier to have positive internal dialogue. When circumstances are not as we would like them to be, we tend to look in the mirror and point out all of the negatives, and dwell on what is going “wrong.” Our minds are so powerful and the conversations we have with ourselves daily directly impact the way we feel and then how we behave. If this is true, then we have the power to change our story any way we would like.So…who’s with me? Who wants to journey with me on the road to better intrapersonal communication and DREAM BIG!?