As we come to the end of the school year and summer approaches, we look forward to sleeping in, more relaxation, more fun activities, and less scheduling. Summer is a great chance to relax and let loose from the pressures of the school year, AND it is important for kids to maintain structure and a daily schedule over the summer.Here are some suggestions I have to build structure into our days over the summer:Pick the same time to wake up every day – it can still be sleeping in compared to what school days are, say 8/830amGo to bed at a reasonable time each nightFind at least one activity outside of the house to do per day – going to the park, running an errand, going to the pet store, bookstore, or craft storeComplete at least one task in the house per day – reorganize a closet, clean out a room, go through clothes to donate, empty the dishwasher, put away laundry, etc.Participate in one physical activity a day – take a walk or run, swim, hiking, biking, dancingEngage in an activity that is mentally stimulating whether it’s summer reading, math worksheets, pleasure reading, crossword puzzlesLimit screentime to 1-2 hours total per day which includes phone, computer, and Ipad/tabletWe need to keep our bodies and our brains active over the summer.Creating a structured day for the summer will be helpful in maintaining habits, staying active, and preventing the summer slump.