As I sat down to write this blog the song that was playing in my head was “School’s Out for Summer,” by Alice Cooper; the song was accompanied by vivid imagery of kids skipping and jumping out of the school building, into their cars, headed out on a journey towards freedom. Summer can be such a freeing, relaxing, and mindless time where energy can be spent doing fun activities rather than spending countless hours on homework per night.My next thought was how can we still be skillful in the summer? AND have fun using our skills at the same time? Take a fun summer behavior such as swimming and pair it with mindfulness, so instead of mindlessly swimming, perhaps you focus on counting your breath. Take a nice bike ride and add some mindfulness to it; for example, maybe you pick the observe skill and simply notice what you are seeing, tasting, hearing, smelling, and touching.Practicing skills do not always have to be laborious and used in times of distress. Summer can be a great time to mindfully use your skills. So my challenge to everyone (including myself) for the summer, is to pick a skill to try each day and make it fun!