The Cognitive Center division of PCH is committed to providing innovative, evidence based treatment for children and adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and other cognitive disorders. Among the services we provide:

    • ADHD Psychiatric Evaluations by a psychiatrist to determine the need for medication
    • Psychological/Psychoeducational Evaluations, which is comprehensive psychological testing administered by a psychologist (often over 2 days) to fully evaluate ADHD or other cognitive disorders, as well as learning styles or any evidence of learning disabilities¬†
    • Individual Therapy to identify struggles with attention, to address any concurrent anxiety or depression, and to practice skills to manage attention.
    • Executive Function/ADHD Management Skills taught in a group or individual format to improve attention, decrease procrastination, improve organization, and increase motivation.
    • ADHD Coaching Program for Adolescents and Adults, which consists of 10-minute coaching sessions (phone or online) multiple times a week to maintain and implement skills learned¬†
    • Parent and Family Support and Strategies taught in a group or individual format for parents and family members living with those who struggle with ADHD and other cognitive disorders
    • School consultation and observation to clarify diagnosis, to participate and advocate in IEP meetings, and to collaborate with schools for enhanced learning


Psychological Testing, Medication Management

We are currently offering individual sessions in-person and via telehealth. All of our group offerings are virtual, with the exception of our adolescent IOP, which has rigorous policies and procedures in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
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