Therapy for grief related to significant loss includes individual grief-oriented psychotherapy. For therapy following such loss, moving forward in a healthy way includes assisting the patient with his/her ability to experience, express, and adjust to painful grief-related changes. Grief work can help identify effective ways to cope with painful life changes resulting from loss. If the loss is in the form of a death, establishing a continued relationship with the person who died is a way to make meaning out of that loss. Tending to one’s physical health is essential. Re-establishing relationships and understanding that others may have difficulty empathizing with the grief they experience is also critical.  Grief-oriented psychotherapy can help one develop a healthy image of oneself and the world. 

For more specific losses, such as loss of a loved one by suicide, we have free monthly support group offerred by Community Support After Suicide (CSAS).


CSAS, Medication Management

We are currently offering individual sessions in-person and via telehealth. All of our group offerings are virtual, with the exception of our adolescent IOP, which has rigorous policies and procedures in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
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