It’s starting to feel a lot like winter, where our warm, rainy days are being replaced with cold, dark days. Most of us tend to go into “hibernation” mode in the winter, so much so that we end up neglecting the work out routine that we had during the summer months. It makes sense from an evolutionary perspective that we are wired to hibernate and rest in the winter, as this used to be a way of survival. Even though we don’t need to hibernate to survive, we tend to still have desires to stay inside to watch tv and eat lots of hearty foods. While this feels nice in the moment, our emotional state often tells us otherwise, the more inactive are bodies are, the more we tend to creep into feelings of depression. Even in the winter we still need endorphins. Staying active in the winter is difficult at times, and maybe our routine changes a bit to accommodate to the colder temperatures. This can be effective as long as we continue to be active! Our mind and body are very interconnected, so a shift in one functioning will shift the functioning in the other. Get creative this winter and keep moving!