This Valentine’s day, regardless of your current relationship status, I challenge you to extend some love to yourself, your loved ones and someone you find “challenging” in your life. Yes, that co-worker who always seems to sneak away with your last yogurt left in the fridge, your lovely neighbor who conveniently forgets to bring a plastic bag to clean up your yard after his dog “does is business” or your in laws who really get a kick out of FaceTimeing at 8am on Saturday mornings.The loving kindness meditation is one of my very favorites and one that I find particularly effective, especially used in conjunction with “willing hands,” in which you place your hands open, palms up on your lap or on a flat surface. Not only does this help me to extend a little compassion to myself, but also to others around me whom I find particularly tricky. So, when the 14th comes around this week, find some time to practice this meditation in between all of the roses, candy hearts and boxes of chocolates. You’ll be glad you did.Follow this link to a good description of the loving kindness meditation.