In some cases, medication management is necessary to treat psychiatric symptoms.  Our psychiatrists provide medication management services for depression, anxiety, ADHD, as well as other mental health conditions.  After the initial evaluation, which includes an overview of your symptoms, you and your psychiatrist will determine whether or not medication is a good option in the treatment of you or your child’s mental health.  Just like any medication, the use of prescription medications introduces potential risks and side effects, which will be discussed in detail. Not all patients and not all psychiatric problems need medicines, but there are certainly instances where prescription medicines are the best treatment available.   If prescribed a medication, your psychiatrist will then continue to monitor the effectiveness and make adjustments during the course of time medications are prescribed.  In addition to medications, our psychiatrists may also recommend other forms of treatment such as individual therapy, group therapy, and/or behavioral therapies.  We work closely with other therapists inside and outside our practice to provide a comprehensive wellness plan.