Recenty I have been impressed by the articles found on Huffington Post’s Healthy Living page. As a DBT therapist, I am always looking for unique ways to incorporate skills into the lives of my clients and my own life. The blogs in Huffington Post’s Healthy Living have given me not only unique and helpful ways to practice mindfulness but they have described them in a way in which people can connect to.In their most recent post by Sura, Seven Ways to Practice Mindfulness in the Technology Age are offered and discussed. I must say, these things are difficult to do! The idea of putting my cell phone to the side or (gasp) turning it off completely scares me and yet the challenge excites me.For today let’s try to go outside our comfort zone for a bit. With the world at our finger tips its a bit anxiety producing to disconnect for a minute, hour, day. Challenge yourself. After all, with all this technology we also have the ability to see our missed calls, read posts from an hour ago, and even watch television from days before. Try it, just for this moment.