Hello, February!  That’s right!  An entire month of the new year has passed, and if you’re anything like me, you’re sitting around thinking, “Where did the time go?  I haven’t started anything I said I was going to in the new year!”  Whether you made new year’s resolutions, or you’re more like me and don’t subscribe to resolutions (I prefer to set goals for the new year), one thing I think we can all agree on is that oftentimes life can “get away” from us (I know, assumption!).Certainly, the new year is an excellent time to start afresh and make some changes that you’ve been meaning to initiate.  Maybe your goal this year was to quit smoking, exercise more, or get healthy physically/emotionally.  Perhaps it was to gain more control over your emotions, improve your relationships, or tolerate the stresses in your life more effectively.  Whatever the case may be for you, we need not deplore and invalidate ourselves in the process if we haven’t been able to achieve them yet.What if life could be easier?  Do I hold the key to happiness, you ask?  No, not in the literal sense.  But I am fortunate to have some skills that could improve my way of thinking, and thus increase my happiness.  Let’s start treating ourselves the way we like others to treat us.  Let’s forgive and love ourselves.If a friend or family member you cared about approached you exasperated because he or she hasn’t started their new year’s resolution, what would you say to them?  Would you berate them for not having achieved their goal in 31 days?  Or would you tell them it’s okay, and tomorrow is a new day?  In most scenarios, we would conform to the latter (yep, another assumption, and no judgments if your style is more like the former!).  So what gets in the way of treating and respecting ourselves the way we do others?A key piece to living a life worth living is being able to accept yourself (and your situation) the way it is right now.  The caveat is being able to make a change in this structure when it’s no longer working for you.  So if that means right now you haven’t started your new years resolution (or goal) yet, that’s okay!  And if you want to make that change, then do it and follow through with it!  Let’s also remember to forgive ourselves in the process because let’s be real, setbacks will happen.  And that’s okay too!So if you haven’t started that new year’s resolution/goal as of yet and you still want to make that change in your life, forgive yourself and try again tomorrow!  If you’ve chosen to abandon that new year’s resolution, practice radically accepting your decision and the ramifications that accompany it.  Either way, a little loving-kindness can ease the pressure that comes with starting the new year.The good news is that 2016 gives us an extra day in February to make that change or accept that situation.  Either way, I am willing to accept you the way you are right now.  I hope you are too!