Integrating effective treatment into a custom format, we have developed DBT Essentials. This program is for anyone who wishes to learn all the DBT skills quickly and according to their schedule. Upon referral to our program, our DBT team will design an individualized plan, teaching all the DBT skills through individual skills training. Emphasis is placed on generalizing these skills to an individual’s daily life. The program consists of 60+ hours of individualized Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, individual therapy, and intensive case management. Phone coaching to solidify skills is also provided. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation can be coupled with our Essentials Program at request.

Prior to admission into our DBT Essentials program, clients complete an assessment process which involves an initial phone call with a DBT clinician to discuss the program, an in-person information session and facilities tour, and a comprehensive assessment by our treatment team.

To schedule an appointment or obtain more information about our DBT Essentials Program, you may also use the following contact form.