Jane Le Morrissey, MS, NCC, LPC

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Jane is a licensed professional counselor and an intensively trained DBT therapist, who provides adolescent, adult and couples therapy, skills training and treatment consultations. In addition, Jane incorporates cognitive behavioral skills into her treatment plans. She enjoys using DBT and CBT skills in her work with individuals and couples.

Jane grew up in the Atlanta area and graduated from Georgia State University (GSU) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She earned a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Mercer University. During her post graduate years, she worked in research at GSU, where she studied mindfulness in disordered eating populations, and published in academic journals. Jane became interested in DBT while working on her undergraduate degree and was attracted to the integration of both Western and Eastern practices in helping others build and sustain a gratifying life. Her past employment includes working in a residential substance abuse treatment program, where she counseled individuals who struggle with substance dependence and disordered eating.

Jane has a special interest in working with couples to improve communication, intimacy issues and conflict resolution. Her approach to individual therapy is holistic and seen as “not one size fits all and treatment needs to be tailored to the individual’s needs.” She works with individuals as they transition through significant life adjustments, as well as manage persistent issues, such as depression, anxiety, self-esteem, identity formation, disordered eating, and relationship issues.

In her spare time, Jane stays busy with her family and enjoys eating good food.