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Dr. Ash is a licensed psychologist who treats patients struggling with depression or anxiety and has worked at Peachtree Psychiatric Professionals since 1996. She brings her knowledge gained through many years of working as a psychologist as well her own life experience to the practice of therapy. She brings kindness, curiosity and warmth to her work and provides a non-judgmental environment for treatment.

Dr. Ash is from Cincinnati, Ohio and graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelors of Arts from Yale University in 1977. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa honor society. She completed her master’s degree in clinical psychology in 1980 and her doctorate degree in clinical psychology in 1985 from the University of Michigan. Between 1977 and 1995, she worked in several outpatient clinics, where she provided psychotherapy both in an academic (University of Michigan) and private practice setting. She also participated in clinical research in Eating Disorders at the University of Cincinnati. Dr. Ash is a member of the Georgia Psychological Association.

Dr. Ash has a special interest in meditation, consciousness, spirituality, and writing. She has been a member of a book club that has met monthly for the past 26 years. Regarding her approach to therapy, Dr. Ash is passionate about helping people see they are more than their habits, patterns, and conditioning. She feels as they observe patterns that cause unhappiness, they can shift in ways that change their lives for the better. According to Dr. Ash, “I have found that for those clients who are interested in learning meditation, it can be a wonderful aid in releasing life patterns that no longer serve them and is a great help in reducing stress and anxiety. Clients often carry their own innate wisdom that comes to the fore when they have the opportunity to talk to a non-judgmental therapist.”

For fun, Dr. Ash enjoys cooking and baking for her husband, children and friends. She likes to take long walks in nature, especially by the ocean or in a forest. She also enjoys painting with watercolors and playing with their dog, Rosie.