“No” is a word that most humans, of all ages, resist. Why? Because we don’t like to be told what to do, or to feel rejected. At the same time, there is much evidence to support boundaries in life and how they actually serve to make us stronger in the long term. If you are anything like me, I often feel guilty for saying no to others. Recently, someone told me “saying ‘no’ to one thing allows you the opportunity to say ‘yes’ to something else.” Woah! My mind was blown! I had never thought of it like that, and when I began to, I felt less guilty about saying “no.” For instance, saying “no” to dinner with my friend can mean that I can say yes to dinner with my family (or vice versa). Saying “no” to a volunteer position, can mean saying “yes” to relaxation time, etc. I recently made a list of all of the things/people that I have trouble saying “no” to and next to it, listed what I could be doing otherwise if I did say “no.” It made me feel like I had a real choice in the matter and was able to consider the facts and my feelings. If “no” is a tough word for you to say, then I would encourage you to begin to challenge yourself and recognize that other possibilities are out there if you chose use that small two letter word, “no.” Try it, who knows you may really like it 🙂