Do you know someone who doesn’t have social media? I’m guessing I know the answer to that question, and I am very guilty of dabbling in most every social media account out there as well! Why? Because its fun, distracting, and stimulating.  Americans are said to spend 4.7 hours on our phones per day, more specifically, Americans are reported to check into social medial and average of 17 times per day. That means we check at least one social media account once every hour. Social media has an incredible way of making us feel accepted and rejected all at the same time, especially when we are mindlessly navigating accounts and judging others as “good,” “bad,” “ugly,” “pretty,” etc. Judgement is a natural human response as it helps us to make sense of the world and put experiences into categories. Judgements, especially comparisons, also have the ability to unravel us in a way that that makes us feel inferior, unlovable, and unworthy.While teaching DBT skills class one night, I decided to have my class do an experiment where everyone was asked to open up a social media account and mindfully scroll through the feed, just noticing the thoughts and feelings that come up. Much to my surprise, there was not one neutral or positive comment noticed by the class, they all noticed their harsh comparisons and negative self talk. Ever since that experiment, I have tried to become more aware of the personal impact that social media has on me. Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means advocating for social media to be done away with because it has so many great capacities. I’m simply encouraging myself and all others to do a few simple things in order to make the chances of a positive social media experience more achievable. For starters, try limiting your time spent on an account to no more than 20 minutes at a time. Second, be mindful of your comparisons to others and negative self talk. Thirdly, make sure to balance your social media time with face to face interaction. These are a few simple steps to help ensure that you don’t become addicted to social media. After all its called “social” media and intended to be fun and add connection to our lives; its not meant to add more distress. So let’s take control of social media and not let it take control of us!