What comes to mind when you hear the name Peyton Manning?  Do you think about his achievement in becoming the only quarterback in history to achieve 200 career wins?  What about his records as the NFL’s all-time leader in passing yards and touchdown passes?  Or what about how he’s the only quarterback who has won Super Bowls with two different franchises?  Maybe you only know his name because it’s been plastered all over the headlines for the past two weeks!  Either way, I think Peyton Manning has more to share than his impressive statistics (not to mention his 5 NFL MVP awards, yet another league record)!Whether you’re an NFL intellect or dilettante, a Denver fan or a Carolina fan, one thing that followers and analysts agree upon is that Peyton Manning is a great leader.  His abilities to strategize and direct plays in the moment, as well as his physical precision, are apparent in his 17 seasons in the NFL.  And in his Super Bowl 50 post-game interviews, Manning offered us a glimpse into his insight and way-of-thought, that may attribute to his excellent leadership skills.“I got some good advice from Tony Dungy… He said don’t make an emotional decision.”Arguably one of the greatest quarterbacks in history stated to the press and an estimated 111.9 million viewers that he did not want to make a decision from emotion mind, in regards to his possible retirement.  He continued to discuss his gratitude and need to get “a couple of priorities in order” before making and announcing such a pivotal statement.Kudos to you, Peyton Manning!  What a great example of waiting to make an effective decision so that you’re not clouded by the emotions in the moment!