Stop. Put your hands in your lap. Put your feet on the floor. Sit up straight (rib cage high and shoulders back – no slouching!). Look at the screen… no, really… look at the screen. Look at the words. Look at the shape of the letters, the size, the patterns. Look at the colors on the page. Are there colors on the page? What do you see? Now, look beyond the screen. Look at your computer. Look at the area it is sitting… on the desk, table, your lap, the floor… What do you see? Observe it! Use your senses to ground yourself in your present moment. Use your senses to give yourself a present of the present. What do you hear? What do you smell? Can you taste anything in the present moment? Are you aware of where you actually are?As silly as the previous statements may be, they each pertain to something which I think we, as human beings, struggle with on a daily basis. We, at times (not all the time!), struggle being present in the current moment. One of our therapists, AB, has owned the hashtag #bewhereyourfeetare on our twitter feed. It is something I hear her say each week and while I hear it all the time, I still struggle with it on a daily basis. There are many things in our every day life (your computer being one of them), which take us away from the moment we’re in. With the holidays behind us and the New Year among us I encourage everyone to take some time to give themselves a new type of present. As I alluded to it earlier, I’m going to name this present the “present present.” This present is one that allows us to read a blog on a computer screen and just read the blog. This present is one where we can sit and have a meal with a loved one and just sit and have the meal – not be distracted by our phone lighting up or the possibility of missing the up to date score of the game. This present is one that provides us with the opportunity to live life one moment at a time and genuinely be a part of each moment.For today, for this moment, put those distractions away. Do just that thing, just in that moment. If and when you find yourself being drawn to something else, acknowledge it, recognize it, laugh a little, and then bring yourself back to the moment you’re in. Give yourself a present. Give yourself the present present…and enjoy!