If we think, for one moment, that the effects elicited by that little 5 letter word is as innocuous as its size on paper then we may be setting ourselves up for disaster. Yes, there I’ve said it and yes, I’m talking about sugar!Sugar (and its many derivatives) is a powerful substance. With its effects rivaling the likes of many illegal substances, including heroin as well as cocaine, sugar is said to be a very addictive substance.Many individuals (including myself) have traversed through the Love/Hate affair with sugar. The idea of sugar ‘dependence’ may appear daunting to some.  We hear the protests frequently, “But it’s only a little piece of chocolate!?” Or, “What’s the big deal about a bowl ice cream?” Or even, “C’mon! It’s his birthday; just have a slice of cake!” However, many of us know from our experience that, like with any other addictive substance, abstinence is oftentimes the key to surviving and then to thriving.For those lured in by their love of that sugary confection, there IS good news! Despite its siren-song and its all too alluring qualities, sugar can be beat and the sugar ‘habit’ can be broken. In Justin Park’s article,9 Steps to Break Your Sugar Habit, he outlines nine ways in which using helpful skills may assist in tempering and altogether breaking the bond to sugar.In order to know if help is necessary, it’s important to know how sugar interacts in your body. Knowing whether the effects of sugar are aversive and if dependency is a factor will help in understanding the level of support we need. Having concrete skills to help manage the emotional and sometimes physical attachment to sugar certainly helps us to feel more empowered and effective. Regardless of whether we buy in to the research on sugar addiction or not, we do continue to buy sugar in its many fantastic forms!More reading: http://fitbie.msn.com/eat-right/9-steps-break-your-sugar-habit